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"The thing we like most is to capture moments"

Wedding photographers

Your emotions, your friends, your moments are captured to make you relive the enchantment of your wedding day.

At Diroma wedding we are photographers and videographers, but above all we are friends, specializing in events and ceremonies.
Our goal is to offer greater quality and professionalism in the photographic services, guaranteeing our presence in every moment. Our twenty-year experience guarantees the highest quality.
Our competence in the field has led Diroma to achieve good results in the wedding sector, both in our region but also abroad.
Over the past years in fact, Diroma has worked for wedding and engagement sessions in France, Spain, Croatia, Germany, Austria, Algeria, Andorra, Kenya, Russia, Ireland, Switzerland, Portugal, the Netherlands, Hungary, Turkey, Malta and Hong Kong. We are fluent in French, English and Spanish.
With a base in western France, we love to travel and have a suitcase ready for a trip anywhere in the world.

Our style?
It is that of photojournalistic marriage.
We love natural light, unique angles, perspectives and compositions.
Post-production is aimed at bringing out the personalities and the beauty of the marriage.
Our photos represent real moments.

Continue on this website to see our style and quality. icona-continua

A photo album will be the authentic memory of your wedding, from the moments before the ceremony to details such as the wedding dress, the wedding rings, the shoes or the bouquet.

Marriage is the realization of a dream and it will be a film that will shine and light up your entire journey of love.

We have decided to put together our ideas and styles, but above all our experience. Contact us without any obligation.

foto matrimonio sposi in mezzo campi di grano con primo piano sul bouque di fiori tenuto dalla sposa
foto di gruppo del matrimonio fatta alla sposa che fa un selfie al gruppo
foto di matrimonio di fronte al colosseo con i due sposi che si tengono per mano


Diroma offers multiple and tailored services.
With our large choice of equipment we can satisfy your every need.
All your whims and wishes will be fulfilled!

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Wedding Films

Diroma's films use a cinematographic language to document what really happens. We create videos with a quality comparable to that of 35mm films, thanks to the use of equipment of the highest quality.

Our films

Love and appreciate the beauty of the world and of people ... express your true self ...
If you like to laugh, laugh, if you like to show your emotions, do so
To love is to appreciate the beauty of the world and of people ...
Treasure your special memories through photography ...
If you are looking for someone to tell your story with authenticity
Contact our team, we will be your confidants